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Guild Wars 2, Darkfall Unholy Wars, Planetside 2 [Recruitment]
 ADDED 11:47 22.10.2012 - sauna

Latest update is that we're playing tournaments like crazy in GW2. We're in need of more skilled players so if you're interested and into PvP/WWW and have experience from teamplay games apply at the forums and we'll read it ASAP (I know, we've been slow pokes in the past).
We're very interested in playing tourneys, especially now when the Paid Tournaments are coming.

Darkfall Unholy Wars (DF 2.0) will release on November 20th. Also a game that we'll definitely be playing, since Darkfall Online was one of our best gaming experiences ever.

Planetside 2 will ALSO release on November the 20th. Looking forward to that one as well.

So times are dire for new and active members that want to brighten up the coming winter darkness with us by gaming like mad!

Ps. If you can't register your user here (sometimes its broken it seems), reply to this news or get a hold of me on IRC and I'll sort it out.

Happy halloween!
      [2] comments, latest by sauna - 29.10.2012 - 14:49

Guild Wars 2 and Planetside 2
 ADDED 19:09 01.08.2012 - sauna
One or two updates a year should keep everything interesting and dandy, right? smiling.

This update is about GW2 which we are stoked as hell about. We've been playing some bSweden eta weekends and the game has grown on us more and more. We're currently assembling members (the usual-blow-a-horn-and-scream-from-the-balcony-"KOMPA ASSEMBLEE!") and sorting out server choice. We're not in the know about where competitive clans will play yet, so if you're in one of them; leave a comment or head over to our newly formed GW2 forum.
Guild Wars 2 releases on the 25h of August for pre-orders and on the 28th for everyone else.

A few of us are also in the PS2-bSweden eta test, we can't reveal any details but we're still extremely psyched about this game and you'll either see Kompa playing GW2 or PS2 for a long time to come hopefully.

Cheers to all you hardcore and casual gamers out there that still come by to see what we're up to.
We're getting old but we will never stop gaming and never stop trying to be the best at what we do!
      [4] comments, latest by sauna - 08.10.2012 - 14:07

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
 ADDED 01:03 24.12.2011 - sauna
On behalf of all of us in Kompaniet, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Gaming Year!

We didn't go pro in BF3 due to poor design choices smile, so we're casually grinding away in TOR and are having a blast.

Take care and watch your glögg-consumption!
I know I wont!

      [1] comment, latest by Rocka - 03.01.2012 - 13:41

Battlefield 3
 ADDED 17:31 04.11.2011 - sauna
So updating isn't our thing...

...well here's the latest.

Some of us are playing BF3 and liking it thus far. Might be because we're not super serious about it at the moment (which usually results in hair-pulling over dev choices). We WILL build a lineup but if we will be playing anything else but casual pracs and tournaments remain to be seen.
We're waiting for some competitive changes for BF3. We want some options that are currently not available. Like locking aaaaaaall the shit up and using the same weapons and gadgets. No level playing field = no e-sports.

Meanwhile, we're staying drunk and active as always (even though it doesn't show on the news wink ).
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Midsummer\'s Eve
 ADDED 12:22 24.06.2011 - sauna
Happy Midsummer\'s Eve all you gamers out there!
We wish you all an evening full of sill and nubbe and much logedans!

As for our current activities; we\'re not currently looking into going competitive with Brink. Reasons are plenty but to name a few: extremely low performance (I get ~50 avg fps with Q9550 and R4870HD), poor map design, little (if any) support for competitive gameplay. As usual SD\'s games have potential but it\'s yet again lost in their focus on commercial success. Why a game has to be poorly designed for competitive gameplay to be successful in sales is beyond me though.

Many of us are waiting for Battlefield 3 so it\'s a safe bet that next time you\'ll see us in force and \"for realz\" in competitions it will be in that game (unless DICE fucks shit up!).
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Brink released!
 ADDED 07:42 13.05.2011 - sauna
Today is the european release for Brink. A class-based team fps game from Splash Damage - the creators of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (and Quake 3 Fortress!).
We\'re a bunch of members that will try this game out, both competitively as well as casually. And, as always, we\'re hoping for a well-balanced and fun team game that we can play for a long time.
Time will tell what lessons SD has learnt from ETQW!

See you out there escorting some weakling or some such!
      [1] comment, latest by Mson - 19.07.2011 - 11:09

Rift Launch
 ADDED 14:21 24.02.2011 - sauna
In ~4 hours Rift launches for those that preordered the game (release March 4th otherwise)!
Kompaniet will field it\'s biggest squad yet in any game.

We\'re very eager to play with most of our both old and new members and look forward to some intense PvP slaughter.

We\'ll be playing on the english PvP server Whitefall as Guardians (unless something changes in the next few hours) and hope to see you there!

EDIT: Due to queues on Whitefall we ended up on Shivermere as Guardians! Feel free to join our cause or perhaps fight against us on the battlefield!
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2011, the year of gaming?
 ADDED 15:24 14.01.2011 - sauna
I know, we\'re lazy as hell with ever posting any news around here. But consider this our yearly update or some such smiling.
First off; we wish all the gamers out there a happy new year and hope you had much sill and festivities in the holidays.
We\'re quite riled up with the prospects of 2011 being a good gaming year. Here\'s some of the games you\'ll be seing us in in the near future:

The \"while we wait for something really cool\" games:

DC Universe Online - something to play while we wait for other games. Could be incredibly fun for a while at least. Seeing as they seem to have a very \'hack \'n slash\'-approach to the combat. Fast paced and good opportunities for World PvP. Released 11/01/11! 19th in sweden :T. Video!

Rift - been playing the bSweden eta some and it seems to be a well accomplished game already. Very WoW/WAR but also with some new ideas on character specialization. Out March 1st. Video!

The \"fuck yeah, this is the shit we\'ve been waiting for\" games:

Guild Wars 2 - looks like this could really hit a home run with its PvP focus and cool combat. Release some time 2011. Video!

PlanetSide 2 - as we played the first PS like crazy when it was released this is something we\'ve been waiting for a long time now and we really hope SOE can improve the first game and create an equally action packed and frantic game with the sequel....at least! Release unknown and no video yet.

The non MMO titles we\'re looking at:

Brink - from the devs at Splash Damage, cool bunch of gamers that gave us ETQW (but didn\'t listen to my awesome advice and feedback in the bSweden eta smiling ). Could be great...if done right. Release spring 2011. Videos!

Battlefield 3 - The long awaited sequel to one of the most fun FPS titles we\'ve competed in earlier. Hoping for good balance and action with this one as well. Is apparently going to be revealed at GDC early March.

Natural Selection 2 - we loved the first game and did play some competitively. Loads of action and strategy! Video!

So yeah, we\'re still into gaming! Just lurking and waiting smiling.
If you\'re into any of the games stated or have any ideas on others, drop a line below!

      [4] comments, latest by Soltis - 20.01.2011 - 13:36

Darkfall online
 ADDED 18:07 08.08.2010 - Mson
While is been some time now since we stoped to play Darkfall online for verious reason i finally got around to check some old recordings and had a decent film lying around so what not make it public! enjoy

Darkfall Movie

And in other news everyone now needs to make an account to comment on the site as chines spambots will have far to much fun if we let it be a free thing smile

10 year anniversary
 ADDED 14:20 22.07.2010 - Mson
This weekend 23 july we in Kompaniet will gather in Gothenburg for a party/lan to celibrate our 10 year (!) anniversary, yea you heard right, it\'s been ten years of gaming for us and we are still going strong and are growing in members count like never before. And to share some of our joy we will hand out some wallpapers for you to stare your self blind at.

BTW why not drop by with a beer and say hi on Saturday! (möldalsvägen 30a, hit the aktuelldata button at the entrence)
smile smile smile smile smile smile



Good bye GA and thanks for all the fish.
 ADDED 11:54 18.06.2010 - sauna
I might do a proper news about this later on, I\'m just rather bummed out at the moment so I\'ll just link to our farewell post:

Kompaniet signing off from GA.

Take care guys!

Global Agenda going forward (video included below)!
 ADDED 15:05 28.05.2010 - Mson
We have been playing this game since start now and its still loads of fun fighting other top teams like Intrepid, pain & animosity etc. Yesterday was teh D-day as We along with our alliance put down a \"Forge\" to start production toward a European UnionEuropean zone victory! After 1H and around 50 min we entered the last fight on this action packed zone (best in the game according to most people) vs intrepid A-team the finest of them all in terms of competition. The game didnt have to go full time, in fact after 2/3 into the game the alliance chat sprung out in a big \"GGs\" \"WIN!!\" cry-out as Mpire won the zone. How did the match vs intrepid go then you ask? well check out the movie made below!

The developers have been in preparation for the next big and game changing patch for some time now and when 1.3 comes (1-2 weeks maybe) it will almost be a new game. But what we care most about is the hopefully continued action-packed PVP matches ahead with new rule & changes to tryout and adapt to. Cu in 1.3!


VIDEO: Last Echelon Fight

Global Agenda Launch!
 ADDED 02:46 25.01.2010 - sauna
On February 1st GA launches.
We\'ve been playing it for almost a month now and we like the casual feeling and quick action of the game. But will it make it in the long run? Will AvA be as fun as it could and should be? We\'re not sure at the moment but we are enjoying ourselves just messing around and wtfpwning (as Sweden Makire would\'ve said) stuff wink.

In any case, the pre-launch will start on January 28th and will continue until launch and we hope to see you guys there! More info on this here.

Also, we will be starting an alliance with old acquaintances and cool people, if you want to be apart of it drop us a line on our GA-forum.

Here\'s an article and some videos explaining the basics of AvA in GA.

Another great video explaining conquest (tipstack till Tootzi!)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Gaming Year!
 ADDED 12:00 22.12.2009 - sauna
Kompaniet would like to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new gaming year!
We hope this christmas will fill our bellies with marvelous food so we have the strength to get serious about gaming in 2010.

On the near horizon we have Global Agenda which some of us already have pre-ordered and will play come the february 1st release.

We hope to see you guys there or in some other marvellous teamplay game!

Happy holidays to one and all!

 ADDED 07:36 29.11.2009 - sauna
Just thought I should update some, we\'re all lazy as hell but we always game something smiling.

Some of us began playing Aion at release (EU server Spatalos) and now others have started as well. The squad is growing with both old timers coming back as well as new faces and we\'re having fun with pvp both flying and not thus far.

If you\'re swedish and want to join we recommend admitting an application in the Aion forum.

For Elysia...or something!

Global Agenda Pricing Details
 ADDED 17:56 21.10.2009 - sauna
According to the monthly newsletter it seems like GA will be free to play except if you want to engage in clan/alliance gameplay.
Whether or not this will divide the scene significantly or just be a great way to keep playing - even if you\'ve spent all your cash on beer and women - remains to be seen.
We\'ll also get a free month with the purchase so that will be a good way to try it out and see if it\'s worth paying the extra riksdaler for.

Global Agenda: Conquest ($12.99 per month, $11.49/mo for 3 month, $9.99/mo for 6 month) includes:

* Access to Alliance vs. Alliance (AvA) World Domination gameplay

read more Read more about GA pricing

Additional info from Massively.com:

As you may have noticed, it says that you can play \"through 30 levels\" on the free side. We asked Todd specifically about this and he reassured us that the max level of 30 (which has not been announced prior to this) is in effect for both the free side and the sub side. In fact, they made sure not to hinder essential gameplay mechanics on the free side, and this is just an example of that.

Some of our other concerns focused on the balance between sub and non-sub players. Yes, a non-sub player can join an agency with subbed players, with the option at any time to sub-up to join their friends in battle. Yes, subbed players can join their non-sub friends at any time in the instanced battles.


Looking forward to...
 ADDED 00:02 20.08.2009 - sauna
...Global Agenda!

Are you?

Party time! Excellent! Radical!
 ADDED 10:52 19.06.2009 - sauna
Kompaniet would like to wish everyone a happy Midsummer\'s Eve and hope everyone will stuff their bellys with raw fish (sill) and high powered alcohol (nubbe) today!

On other news; we\'re still playing Darkfall Online and Battlegrounds most of us and others are chilling in the summer rain.

Always looking for new games on the horizon though, the ever ongoing quest to find the perfect teamplay game will probably take us a while tho to complete. So don\'t expect any level ups here soon!

Bottoms up!

Kompaniet starts playing BattleGrounds 2!
 ADDED 21:30 29.04.2009 - Biermann

Battlegrounds 2 is a source-engine mod about the American War of Independence. You fight as either British or American with musket, flintlock pistols and bayonets. It\'s all about timing, when to thrust your bayonet, swing your officers sabre or shoot your slow reloading musket.


Kompaniet joins The Battlegrounds League and plays their first match this sunday.

With this we also bring in some new faces:
Sweden Zn@ke 
Sweden BoNzO 

to join the existing members:
Sweden Biermann 
Sweden Drewgi 
Sweden Rocka 
Sweden Borat 

      [9] comments, latest by Zn@ke - 03.05.2009 - 20:52

DF Squad Recruits
 ADDED 18:06 05.03.2009 - sauna
If you are interested in joining our Darkfall Online squad and fit the critera below, please send a gaming CV to me as a private message. A \"gaming CV\" is just like a CV you send to a company when applying for a job. Brief information on you as a person, current occupation, location, previous gaming experiences, previous clans and such.

    [*] Swedish nationality/speaks fluent swedish.[*] 18+ age.[*] Previous experience from playing games in a clan in an organised fashion.[*] Can take orders and follow them without disrupting the gameplay.[*] Suggest tactics, strategy and present ideas at an appropriate time.[*] Be able to play at least some on most days.[*] Have a sense of loyalty and give everything for the clan by treating it as a brotherhood.[*] Be competitive but prioritize having fun.

These are some of the more important criterias that fit ourselves quite well. If you like what you see it will minimize the off chance that you are a completely different type of person than us smiling.

Good luck and see you in Agon!
      [3] comments, latest by Soltis - 13.04.2009 - 14:13

Darkfall Online
 ADDED 14:27 27.02.2009 - sauna
Long time no news, we\'re a bunch of lazy bastards, I know. But we\'re always playing something and now some of us are looking at Darkfall Online.
What our dedication and goals will be with DF is unclear at the moment, if we like it however, I\'m sure we\'ll be fielding a larger section of our clan.

Aventurine thought it was a good idea to not bother with open bSweden eta before release and thus they are now overwhelmed with how many that are interested in playing it.
They\'ve stated that they thought 50k subscribers and 10k simultaneous players was a optimistic prognosis. Had they launched an open bSweden eta they would have been perhaps more ready for the 500k crazed mmo fans that are hammering their site.

So without the preorder it\'s not certain we\'ll be able to play in a while, due to them limiting accounts (there\'s just 1 server) but as soon as we do get in we\'ll be reporting further progress.

DF has everything in the making of an incredibly fun pvp game and the potential to crush all competition in the MMO-scene. It\'s all up to Aventurine and how they handle the game post-launch, however.

Be seeing your tombstone on a screen near me shortly...hopefully smiling.
      [1] comment, latest by gibb - 05.03.2009 - 00:36

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
 ADDED 03:17 24.12.2008 - Mson
From all of us in Kompaniet to all crazy (and none crazy) gamers out there!

Who knows, maybe Santa Clause will come this year...
      [1] comment, latest by Biermann - 27.12.2008 - 16:41

WAR Update
 ADDED 15:11 10.11.2008 - linuz
I\'ts been a while since release and some of us have reached the mighty rank of 40. We had some dropouts while getting there, but we\'re now fielding an atleast six man strong group.

So now it\'s time for some RvR! Since we\'re old DAoC gamers we really love to get fair group fights, which is kind of hard in WAR at the moment as there is \"zerg\" or nothing out in frontiers. But yesterday Blajjan organised a FGvsFG event in Chaos Wastes and we had som really good fights out there. We hope this will occur more often as it\'s, by far, the most fun we\'ve ever had in WAR.

Our lovely Sweden Mson put together a movie from the event! Head over to storage and grab it!
      [4] comments, latest by sauna - 20.11.2008 - 03:54

Kompaniet Goes to WAR!
 ADDED 21:18 14.09.2008 - Biermann
Kompaniet are reviving a couple of old members and recruiting a few new ones to start playing the new Mythic Entertainment MMORPG called Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning on the european servers provided by GOA.

We\'re going to play for Order on the Karak Eight Peaks core ruleset server together with lots of old guilds and friends from Dark Age of Camelot.

Everyone is looking forward to this and hopefully we will have a good time killing overpowered Marauders and Zealots!

WAR Roster
      [4] comments, latest by gibb - 17.09.2008 - 13:33

Second place at QuakeCon for the ETQW squad
 ADDED 15:23 03.08.2008 - sauna
They first arrived without their luggage and had to play the first game vs. The United Force without sound or their own mice and keyboards. This resulted in a very close match which TUF won sending Kompaniet to the Loser Bracket. Luckily the luggage arrived later that evening and they could mow down every opponent in LB finishing off the LB finals with a win over the best team in the US; H20 (former Decimated/HOT) to reach the finals vs. mamut.si.

Mamut proved to be a much tougher opponent than the other teams at QuakeCon as it consists of old Dignitas players and veterans in both the ET as well as the ETQW scene. Kompaniet set a time of 16 minutes on Ark and it was mamuts time to attack. Here they delayed for 5 minutes at the first objective and things looked promising but as the second objective is harder to hold it got built quite quickly and mamut rushed inside taking forward spawn. Our guys cleared FS quite well but didn\'t realise that 2 aggressors had bypassed FS and went straight for the objective and planted the charge. With some nice defending of the charge and some confusion in our team they could blow the final objective with 8 minutes left on the clock. Well played mamut and good game!

Kompaniet received 4000$ for the second place. Small purse overall for a team fps but I bet the guys got something even better than money; a fun and brilliant time!

A more detailed report on the tournament as a whole will follow as soon as the guys are back home. Meanwhile I\'ll be adding the tournament results to the results page.

Go check them out!
      [5] comments, latest by pliXs - 07.08.2008 - 21:22

Kompaniet to attend quakecon, but not as Epsilon
 ADDED 00:29 23.06.2008 - admin

With flights and hotels now booked and ready, our ETQW squad is ready to go \'gräva guld i USA\'. Coming up is the big Quakecon event, taking place in Dallas throughout 31 July to 3 August. Updates will be posted on our site as soon as the event starts, so stay tuned!

Also as of yesterday Kompaniets ETQW squad has parted ways with Epsilon.

read more Read more
      [5] comments, latest by Soltis - 29.07.2008 - 16:34

ETQW squad on vacation
 ADDED 15:56 12.05.2008 - Mson
As the headline state; we are currently and have been for some weeks on an unforseen vacation with our ETQW team as there is nothing to practice for and against at the moment in the ETQW clan scene. This will continue until the Quakecon which we will attend and which will probably be the last tournament you see us play in this game. But you never know if things can change for the better, which we still hope
(patches that fix bots/stats/graphics and other non-clan oriented issues doesn\'t make us hold our breath tho)!
      [5] comments, latest by Hund3n - 17.05.2008 - 22:48

Gibb interviewed by onlinegamer.se
 ADDED 12:40 25.04.2008 - linuz
Kompaniet\'s tree chopper Sweden gibb has been interviewed by Max at onlinegamer.se. He got questions about the player loss in the TF2 squad and about the game oraganisation Kompaniet.
The interview is in swedish.
Ni har ju tappat en halv uppsättning spelare på ganska kort tid, orkar ni lSweden eta nytt och komma igen?
- Kärnan av Kompaniet är spelare med jävlaranamma, vi njuter av ett par saftiga motgångar. Får vi rätt spelare så kommer vi att fortsätta spela TF2. Faktum är att vi spelar just nu, med inhopp från våra trogna ETQW-spelare. Det går “sämre” än någonsin rent resultatmässigt, men vi har också roligare än någonsin.

Det handlar inte om att lSweden eta nytt och komma igen egentligen, Kompaniet kommer förmodligen finnas tills kärnspelarnas döddagar. Vi kommer alltid att spela, och alltid ha som roligast när vi bygger upp och utövar lagspel på vår högsta möjliga nivå.

So if you can read and understand the Swedish language you can read the entire interview HERE
      [4] comments, latest by sauna - 28.04.2008 - 21:24

TF2 Squad In Peril, Recruits Wanted!
 ADDED 11:16 20.04.2008 - admin
Recently we\'ve had some player droppage and yesterday was the final straw as, out of the blue, weqo left. This means that in a short time frame Me, Fox and Weqo has left Kompaniet to go on and do new things. Reasons have been tiring of TF2, other games and various issues.
We want to extend a thanks for their time with us and a good luck with their future endeavours!

However, we are now forced to leave 3 leagues and build our team from the ground up again. This means we have to recruit new blood (once again) to be able to field a lineup.
Kompaniet deeply appologizes to the teams and administrators out there of the various leagues and tournaments and hope our situation doesn\'t create too much havoc.

Kompaniet.TF2 is now recruiting the following:
· 1 sick salongsberusad Scout.
· 1 dastardly djärv Demoman.

Anyone who applies should fulfil the following:
· experience from competitive gaming.
· teamplayer, solo public gamestyle is NOT wanted, everything for the team.
· 18+ of age, how else can we celebrate with beer?!
· mature attitude, disciplined and serious view on gaming (no lol-kids wanted, sorry, or should I say zindé? brrr).
· lots of spare time, we will practice at least 3 days a week and often more, final times will be agreed upon within the team.

How to apply:
· email admin@kompaniet.nu with a Curriculum Vitae and personal letter (just like when you apply for a job).
· record demo of you playing, preferably in a scrim or official match, send link or file to someone in #kompaniet on QuakeNet or by email.
· expect lengthy trial period, we\'re picky about getting the right people to Kompaniet that we can also hang with outside gaming.

For any questions comment here or send us an email at admin@kompaniet.nu.

Cheers and good luck!
      [9] comments, latest by Snapcase - 23.04.2008 - 10:19

Sweden ETQW triumph!
 ADDED 15:53 14.04.2008 - admin

After some time now the nations cup have finally ended with SwedenSweden captained by Mson, faced NetherlandsNetherland in the final. Match was played on Ark (sweden choice) and salvage (holland choice). Sweden starting on defence on ark let the first object go almost instantly but held second and third better, that in the end lead to holland getting a time of around 11mins. On the quest to beat that time sweden started good on the offence methodicaly taking first and second and with 3-4 minutes left on clock secured a win on ark.

On salvage sweden started the offence with a pretty decent time of around 13mins that holland couldnt match to make the swedes champion of Europe!

Sweden - Netherlands 4 - 0
read more Linups
      [3] comments, latest by Coca - 15.04.2008 - 11:16

TheSGL CL Final
 ADDED 18:19 11.04.2008 - Biermann

Last night theSGL Champions League final, casted by QuadV ended in a defeat for Kompaniet against European Union Four Kings

League: theSGL TF2 CL Final
Result: 1:8
read more Results (extended)

Team: gibb, sauna, Biermann, weqo, glid, fojji
4^K Team: Riemu, Gegon, Appz, Hymzi, Teok, Winny

It was a tight and fun game even if we wasn\'t able to break thru on Granary at all due to unorganized attacks (we still need more practice with attacking). On Well there were lots of good fights, with the tide switching back and forth. After some good demo-action from Hymzi 4k draw the longest straw and got that last cap they needed to deny us a third deciding map.

Thanks for a good game and a nice cast by QuadV. We\'re looking forward facing 4k again, later on in ETF2L.
      [4] comments, latest by sauna - 13.04.2008 - 09:06

ETQW fell on the finish line
 ADDED 10:49 10.04.2008 - Mson
Yesterday we played 4Kings in the Live 2 win final. A match between Europes 2 powerhouses at the moment. The game was an even one but in the end after the smoke and smog had settled 4kings stod as the winners after winning Fast volcano and Ark. A second place for the ETQW squad in this Online only cup isnt that bad tho.

Next up are Clanbase EuroCup XVII and Gamestar league that have just started.
      [2] comments, latest by Soltis - 11.04.2008 - 18:14

Kompaniet + Microsoft = true!
 ADDED 04:36 01.04.2008 - Mson
As of yesterday 16.00cet in Sweden, Stockholm, Kompaniet and Microsoft meet to sign the deal that have been in progress over the last months. This deal will span over the coming year with options for extention another year. With this great news and the seven figure that the deal is about its now time to take over the eSports world, behold!

*** EDIT
or not!

      [11] comments, latest by Eternal - 08.04.2008 - 22:30

Glid interviewed
 ADDED 18:16 30.03.2008 - admin
Glid, who is a prominent member of our TF2 squad as well as one of the team leaders for the Swedish National TF2 Team, has been interviewed by the folks over at Implosant Onlinegaming Zon. He goes into detail regarding TF2 and Kompaniet as well as himself.

Hur kom det sig att du började med Team Fortress 2?
Jag och min irl-kompis Sweden gibb hade sedan länge sökt efter ett tävlingsinriktat FPS “med skill som största faktorn” att fördjupa oss i. (Tyvärr var ju tf2 inte på det viset då, och det har fortfarande sina brister)

If you understand Swedish head on over to the interview here.
      [5] comments, latest by Coca - 31.03.2008 - 10:49

Swedish ETQW nation team triumph over UK
 ADDED 16:06 25.03.2008 - admin
Yesterday the Swedish ETQW team with Sweden Mson in charge played yet again and this time in the semi-finals vs United KingdomUnited Kingdom. The match was very highly rated and probably one of the best in the tournament and it sure was to be a war of class. After the first two rounds the score was dead even 2-2 (Sewer went to United KingdomUK and Ark to Swedensweden) but after the decider round on fastvolcano which Sweden won comfortably the final score landed on 4-2. Sweden is now in the finals in the Euro Championships (Nations Cup) and there they will meet a well-respected NetherlandsHolland.

Swedish team yesterday: Mson, xetyk, soltis, plixs, pokemans & kik. (four players from Kompaniet!)

Keep an eye on GamesTV for coverage (ETQW:tv)
Demos POV: Sweden Mson 
Clanbase report
      [7] comments, latest by Biermann - 28.03.2008 - 02:13

Fojji interviewed
 ADDED 12:59 24.03.2008 - admin
Fojji has been interviewed by the folks over at My Team Fortress 2 wherein he sheds some light on his own situation as well as some insight into our TF2 squad.

MyTeamFortress.de: What are your goals? Are you going to join the ESL Major Series, which offers prize money of 1.500 € after all?

fojji: Well Kompaniet always aim to be the best and I don\'t think TF2 will be different. We are however in kind of a low, not having played very much at all the past few months. Some of our players (among them, myself) had slipped into inactivity but we have now solved this with enlisting the services of the old teamfortress-icon Sauna. His beard will grant us strength. smiling

Read the whole interview here!
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ETQW squad off to Holland for Lan
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So has the time come for us in the etqw squad to leave rainy sweden for a trip to Holland and the CDC4 LAN. The LAN will have the European elite in place and for our team the first match start at 16:15 cet on friday and hopefully end in the finals on the sunday evening. The event takes place in enschede at an iCafe that goes by the name WZZRD. We travel 28 februari and back home 3 march, wish us good luck!


Kompaniet finished 2nd in the event after losing the final vs. Dignitas with 2 - 4 and thus earning 1000€. 3rd place went to SpeedLink. It was a nice and fun event allthough a bit smokey smiling.
Well played all clans!

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New blood in our ETQW lineup
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As of todays meeting within the ETQW squad we all agreed that one new player was needed to be able to increase performance and the position that was agreed would suit us best is the on of tanker. After a a very brief discussion with our new player it was clear that he was the choice for us. A warm welcome and good luck to the new addition to our Kompaniet/Epsilon ETQW team;
Freddie \' Sweden pliXs \' Allert

The rest of the team will go on as usual with the only difference that Sweden Soltis will take on a more mixed infantry/vehicle role than a sole tanker role. Also Sweden LAondA has been upgraded to full member of the ETQW squad after a pretty long test period!
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Kompaniet ETQW in partnership with Epsilon eSports
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We are happy to announce that our ETQW squad has joined up with the new Multigaming organization Epsilon eSports. With support from sponsors like Gigabyte, Puma and Smith & Stewart, we will have a great opportunity to attend to more LAN events such as the upcoming CDC4. We will fully represent Epsilon eSports in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and at the same time still play as Kompaniet.

Some words from Sweden Mson about it:
We gained the opportunity to work with one of the most exciting new gaming organizations out there, that for us was hard to resist. Not only are we pleased with the deal but also the prospect of still keeping our roots intact. Gamingwise this will give us bigger resources to take on future LAN events which is great.

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Kompaniet is Nordic ETQW Champions!
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Clanwar against Denmark BUBU / Team BUBU on 26.01.2008

League: ETQW Nordic Championship
Result: 4:0
read more Results (extended)

Team: Mson, xeTyk, Wayf, rvn, Soltis, LAondA
BUBU Team: Huggo Sondac utr katarn phaze taken

read more Report
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