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Movies and clips
 ADDED 16:40 30.01.2014 - sauna
I've delved into movie making and recording gameplay recently and also gathered a lot of older Kompaniet stuff on my youtube channel.
Have a gander and tell me what you think lächeln.

      [3] comments latest by helge - 19.03.2014 - 19:00

Merry Christian Holiday!
 ADDED 12:46 24.12.2013 - sauna
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Recruiting for Planetside 2
 ADDED 19:51 04.03.2013 - sauna
Many of us are playing PS2 at the moment. We're trying to increase our numbers though. Ideally we'd like to have 1 full squad.
We play NC on Miller.

If you're interested, head on over to this thread: forums.station.sony.com/ps2/index.php?threads/kompaniet-recruiting-swe.100797/

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Happy Kwanza and a Merry New Year!
 ADDED 20:45 25.12.2012 - sauna
Hope to be seeing all of you in the glorious fragfest of 2013!


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Guild Wars 2, Darkfall Unholy Wars, Planetside 2 [Recruitment]
 ADDED 11:47 22.10.2012 - sauna

Latest update is that we're playing tournaments like crazy in GW2. We're in need of more skilled players so if you're interested and into PvP/WWW and have experience from teamplay games apply at the forums and we'll read it ASAP (I know, we've been slow pokes in the past).
We're very interested in playing tourneys, especially now when the Paid Tournaments are coming.

Darkfall Unholy Wars (DF 2.0) will release on November 20th. Also a game that we'll definitely be playing, since Darkfall Online was one of our best gaming experiences ever.

Planetside 2 will ALSO release on November the 20th. Looking forward to that one as well.

So times are dire for new and active members that want to brighten up the coming winter darkness with us by gaming like mad!

Ps. If you can't register your user here (sometimes its broken it seems), reply to this news or get a hold of me on IRC and I'll sort it out.

Happy halloween!
      [2] comments latest by sauna - 29.10.2012 - 14:49

Guild Wars 2 and Planetside 2
 ADDED 19:09 01.08.2012 - sauna
One or two updates a year should keep everything interesting and dandy, right? lächeln.

This update is about GW2 which we are stoked as hell about. We've been playing some bSweden eta weekends and the game has grown on us more and more. We're currently assembling members (the usual-blow-a-horn-and-scream-from-the-balcony-"KOMPA ASSEMBLEE!") and sorting out server choice. We're not in the know about where competitive clans will play yet, so if you're in one of them; leave a comment or head over to our newly formed GW2 forum.
Guild Wars 2 releases on the 25h of August for pre-orders and on the 28th for everyone else.

A few of us are also in the PS2-bSweden eta test, we can't reveal any details but we're still extremely psyched about this game and you'll either see Kompa playing GW2 or PS2 for a long time to come hopefully.

Cheers to all you hardcore and casual gamers out there that still come by to see what we're up to.
We're getting old but we will never stop gaming and never stop trying to be the best at what we do!
      [4] comments latest by sauna - 08.10.2012 - 14:07

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
 ADDED 01:03 24.12.2011 - sauna
On behalf of all of us in Kompaniet, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Gaming Year!

We didn't go pro in BF3 due to poor design choices , so we're casually grinding away in TOR and are having a blast.

Take care and watch your glögg-consumption!
I know I wont!

      [1] comments latest by Rocka - 03.01.2012 - 13:41

Battlefield 3
 ADDED 17:31 04.11.2011 - sauna
So updating isn't our thing...

...well here's the latest.

Some of us are playing BF3 and liking it thus far. Might be because we're not super serious about it at the moment (which usually results in hair-pulling over dev choices). We WILL build a lineup but if we will be playing anything else but casual pracs and tournaments remain to be seen.
We're waiting for some competitive changes for BF3. We want some options that are currently not available. Like locking aaaaaaall the shit up and using the same weapons and gadgets. No level playing field = no e-sports.

Meanwhile, we're staying drunk and active as always (even though it doesn't show on the news zwinkern ).
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Midsummer's Eve
 ADDED 12:22 24.06.2011 - sauna
Happy Midsummer's Eve all you gamers out there!
We wish you all an evening full of sill and nubbe and much logedans!

As for our current activities; we're not currently looking into going competitive with Brink. Reasons are plenty but to name a few: extremely low performance (I get ~50 avg fps with Q9550 and R4870HD), poor map design, little (if any) support for competitive gameplay. As usual SD's games have potential but it's yet again lost in their focus on commercial success. Why a game has to be poorly designed for competitive gameplay to be successful in sales is beyond me though.

Many of us are waiting for Battlefield 3 so it's a safe bet that next time you'll see us in force and "for realz" in competitions it will be in that game (unless DICE fucks shit up!).
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Brink released!
 ADDED 07:42 13.05.2011 - sauna
Today is the european release for Brink. A class-based team fps game from Splash Damage - the creators of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (and Quake 3 Fortress!).
We're a bunch of members that will try this game out, both competitively as well as casually. And, as always, we're hoping for a well-balanced and fun team game that we can play for a long time.
Time will tell what lessons SD has learnt from ETQW!

See you out there escorting some weakling or some such!
      [2] comments latest by Mson - 19.07.2011 - 11:09

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